Sweet Revenge

I hadn’t been waiting for you, but how I relished it tonight.

And yes, this post is centered around a guy. Had I not gone out to eat and then stopped for a drink I would have posted about successes with spinning. But instead, I want to rub the salt into Joe’s face.

Who’s Joe?

A guy I ran into tonight who couldnt’ quite place me. Granted, it took me about ten minutes to figure who he was as well. I was in a corner of the local watering hole with friends when I thought,”Gosh, that guy looks awfully familiar.”

It doesn’t matter what he looks like. But apparently what I do does.

When the light bulb went off in my head as to who it was I thought,”Hmm.”

But I hadn’t quite pieced together why I wasn’t jumping for joy to see a familiar face. Joe finished up a round of pool when a guy asked for his name. I used that to insert myself into the conversation.

“Oh hey. I thought I remembered you from here.”

He had been checking me out from the bar, but I wasn’t up for it. I was hanging out with friends and just couldn’t shake a feeling something was off. I was SO right.

When he asked for my name, I played coy and said,”You know what? When we met you made me play a guessing game as to your name. My name starts iwth an ‘I'”

He threw off a few guesses while I played with Facebook on my phone. While I was scrolling it hit me. THIS was the dolt who dismissed me months back when a stunning woman came into the bar. Hey, I’m all for it. But not from one sentence to the next. There’s a way to do it more smoothly.

So when he asked,” Am I right?” (He had guessed Irene.) I said,” I’m busy.”

Over the corner of my phone I noted the pause in his pool playing stride.

(Held in the giggle.)

When pressed again with,”You don’t look busy.”

I said,”I AM.”

And by George – I was. Like I was about to explain to him why his frat boy looks had failed him tonight. NOPE.

He asked a few more times, different ways, but got a flat out NO each time.


Anyway, this is a great picture my friend Tracy took of me earlier in the night.


Tikka Massala (super yummy!)


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