My Lunch – Can’t Eat It

It was healthy (for the most part).

Here. (Sorry, a bit blurry.)


  • Three ounces of chicken
  • Broccoli with cheese (3/4? cup. More than the serving size of a 1/2 cup)
  • Eggplant Spread (Trader Joe’s, also more than the serving size of 1 tbsp)

I was kind of hungry after a butt burning spin class this morning. However, after sitting down to eat and flipping my computer open (to Facebook, what else?) I feel ill. I don’t understand what kind of human could do / plan the horror in Boston today.

Now that I’ve reached out to those that I love I’m going to distract myself here.

So, let’s do the breakdown of my food.

That much chicken has roughly 160? calories. Fine. I hear that eating protein after a workout is important. (Also, that a person should always eat vegetables. It’s filling blah blah blah.) This was a left over from a day that I actually baked chicken vs. picking up a roasted chicken.

Guys love to talk about broccoli. (Why? Haven’t they heard of other vegetables?) Today I cheated by using the frozen variety. I haven’t done my grocery shopping yet. Busy over here. Dating keeps me busy. And laundry. I’ve had a stash of frozen steamers for a while as they run a buck fifty at Walmart. (And yes, I know Walmart is a horrible company that mistreats their employees. However, they are less than five minutes from my house.)

A 1/2 cup of broccoli with fake cheese (we’ll get to that in a moment) has 45 calories. So figure I had more than that. (I’m not in mood for math today. Besides, I used to be good at math. Now I have a smart phone. And Excel.)

Valley Fresh Steamer Broccoli

Willy Nilly on Steaming Broccoli

For someone in a pinch who might not have made it to the farmer’s market (or, a lazy person, as I have no excuse) this worked for me.  A bit high on the sodium front tho. Popped it into the microwave for seven minutes and my broccoli with premium sauce was ready.

What is this fake cheese you speak of?

Well, upon further investigation we had some interesting ingredients. Normally my rule for eating is simple: If I can’t pronounce then I don’t eat it. So that means I eat only from the perimeter of the supermarket. (With the exception of uncut oatmeal, mayo, and a few other exceptions that is.)

This has a bunch of crap in it. I can pronounce the words but I don’t like them.

Broccoli Cheese Ingredients

Seems Fishy

  • Gelatin? I’d rather have sugar free jello.
  • Xanthan? Fermented gum sugar. Can cause bloating. (Like I need/want a bigger belly.)
  • Sodium Alginate? Also used to create dental impressions (Sounds good right? *snort*)
  • Annatto? Food color to make the cheese look … yellow. Doesn’t come that way. Neither does butter or margarine. In case you didn’t know, because I didn’t, processed meat, many smoked fish, many beverages (you should be drinking water!) and quite a few packaged foods (don’t buy them!) have the poor man’s saffron.
  • Maltodextrin? … eh. Can’t express outrage at this one as this is big ingredient in Splenda. NEXT! (I use it on my oatmeal every morning.)
  • Calcium Alginate? A bulking agent. Or a stabilizer. Hmm. I should have just bought broccoli on the way home from the date. Or, on the date. He wouldn’t have minded, right?

Ruh roh.

Not the best food choice. But better than a grilled cheese.

Ok, that really was a lame attempt at recovery. NO EXCUSES. Moving along.

Trader Joe’s Red Pepper Spread with Eggplant and Garlic was a better choice. Ingredients are straight forward: peppers, eggplant, sugar (eek), sunflower oil, salt (eek), acetic acid (ok, eek), garlic and hot pepper.

Low calorie big taste for this bundle of joy. 15 to be exact. I suppose if I had a food processor I could whip this up. BUT YOU UNDERESTIMATE HOW LAZY I AM IN THE KITCHEN.

Ok. Back to staring at the news. I need to throw up after seeing … those things. But I haven’t eaten enough to do that.

I am so grateful for what I have, what I have done and the opportunity to do more in life.

Every day is a blessing. Use it wisely.


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