Today’s To-Do List

The list is long and I may not make it.

  1. Mani / Pedi  – done!
  2. Find a suitable pair of flats for a cocktail dress – maybe!
  3. Dye my hair – I hate doing this, but it has to happen.
  4. Laundry – running low on necessities here.
  5. Vacuum – of questionable need
  6. Change sheets & make bed – maybe not

Doing all of these takes longer when you’re walking around with a boot. (I had NO idea.)

I also didn’t factor into my schedule how much added time it takes to get in and out of a car. I’m not talking about hopping in and out. I can do that with out any grace. (I might end up losing some teeth by the valet, but I’m good on that front.)

What I’m referring to is removing the boot, putting a normal shoe on, arriving at my destination and then putting the boot back on.

“RIIIP!” Is heard across parking lots when I fiddle with velcro.

“Hey you! Over there. I’m making noise. Yes. Sorry about that.”

I should be relieved this is a removable cast and will hopefully come off shortly. (I’m almost done with my pity party here, but I need to vent.)

In addition to the time aspect I feel like an idiot stumping around. It’s not my imagination, people stare. I don’t do well with being the spectacle on display. Sure! If I’m dressed to the nines to go somewhere, I’d love to hear a compliment. But staring for the sake of staring – UGH.

As an added bonus people seem eager to share their boo boo stories.

NO! I don’t want to hear that you wore this very boot for months. The thought of that is terrible.  (This sucker better be coming off in a few weeks.) The other night the guys were jockeying to tell me how many bones they had broken. It’s not a competition fellas!

Tonight I’m off to an event where cocktail attire is part of the gig.  Seeing as heels are out of the question, and that I own absolutely NO flat shoes (aside from sneakers), I went shopping. My dress is black and I’m not sure of the other accessories I might add. I had originally intended to scope out a few stores but I quickly tossed that idea out the window. I picked up three pairs of flats.


I’m not really pleased with any of the options. However, the thought of driving anywhere and swapping the boot made the decision for me.

Instead of doing anything productive right now I’m sitting on my butt. There will be much added time tonight to beautify. That itself should motivate me to work on my to-do list.

But no. I’m sitting here.

I want some minions to come over and sprinkle fairy dust. The only “must do” on the list is dye my hair. Everything else can wait a tiny bit more. (As I talk myself out of things.)



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