Common Sense Trader Joe’s, Please

Ok, so you know I like to write reviews. I find it nice to say nice things. My mom said to speak up only when you had nice things to say. Mediocre experiences are harder to write. Defeat has washed over and I’m almost ready to write “Meh.” (So why bother, right?)

But sometimes I just can’t hold it in. I’m irked.

I’m a petite woman. So I find it amusing to go places and have people offering to pick things up and/or carry them. This is especially true since I’ve been empowered by lifting weights.

Those twenty-four bottles of water?

But thank you Walmart employee for offering to pull them off the shelf and onto my cart.
Thank you Walmart employee for offering to unload my cart in the parking lot.

I’ve got MUSCLES!
Etc. Etc. Etc.

(I live minutes away from Walmart and have been known to pop in at random hours. Also, I’ve recently learned there is a bar in an ice hockey rink in the same strip mall!)

Having lived a good part of my life in the five boroughs of New York I’ve got mad Sherpa Skills. If you’ve ever lived in a walk up you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Even if you take a taxi (and avoid the dreaded subway stairs) there’s still the issue of plastic bags / messenger bag/back pack  digging into your shoulder blades pain.

Carrying heavy things is part of the gig…but you really only want to do that once. Not 3x’s up four flights of stairs. (This is also a big driver for people investing in Brita Filters. It’s virtually unheard of anyone buying jugs or water. Or god forbid soda.

It ain’t pretty.


I stopped in my local Trader Joe’s this afternoon at the tail end of running errands. I say “errands” as though I had tons of things to do. In reality I went to:

  • CostCo (no, not a shopping trip, breakfast)
  • to the doctor (The Foot Injury Investigation Continues)
  • to LA Fitness (to put my training membership on hold)

Aaaaannnd I needed the following items:

  • Toilet paper
  • Water
  • Mouthwash
  • Deodorant
  • Fruit
  • Beer/Wine

You know what I ended up with?

Two heavy bags of bricks. Double bagged, paper bags of bricks. *
Maybe I should have asked for more bags.
Maybe I should have just spoken up.

But no.
I watched in despair as my two bags were filled to the brim with very, very, heavy things.


(^^This gem has four bottles of 50.7 fl oz of water in it. Yes.)


(^^Six pack of beer, four bottles of booze)

“This way you’ll have everything in one go.”
WHAT? Are you serious lady?

I know these bags were heavy as I unloaded them.
Then I disassembled them in my SUV so I could ferry parts of them up to my abode. All while wearing a walking boot.

Again, this was a lot of stuff:




I like to have my place stocked for entertainment. But not this way.

This is not temporary disability friendly. I can’t imagine what it’s like being permanently disabled. (Hopefully employees are more mindful.)

This Trader Joe’s isn’t like the one on Long Island, or the one in Manhattan, where reusable bags are readily available for purchase BEFORE CHECKOUT.


The nice reusable bags are on the wall FAR, FAR AWAY. I only noticed them when I walked past them pushing my heavy cart. I thought about purchasing bags (after check out) but then looked back at the very long lines.

“Hmm…standing on a long line seems like a bad idea. I’m tired. My foot hurts. I should really go home.”

Well guess what? THAT WAS STUPID.

It took me that much longer at home to find reusable (shoulder) bags and make the added trips. Back and up a set of stairs.


I had to chuckle on the way out of the store. An employee wished the women in front of me a nice day. “Have a great mwah mwah mwah somethingx.”

As I stumped on by I got BUMKIS.

And you know what I thought of?

(Ok, and maybe Target.)

I’ve heard not nice things about Walmart.

Not from me! They’re super nice. They go out of their way for me. (I just wish they were more earth friendly and had a better compensation / benefit structure.) But they’re very aware of their customers.

That would be me. I shop there. And will continue to shop there.

Store #090
09-25-2013 01:55PM
Receipt Reference #: 157958

* Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell mouthwash. While spending copious amounts of time searching for said mouthwash I got distracted and forgot to pick up deodorant. I suppose I could have asked the employee that was stocking shelves (that I was almost stepping on) but I felt like I was in her way. Now I’ll pay one of the teenagers that live in my complex to shop at Walmart or Target to get my necessities.


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