You Will Drop Things

I’ve come to terms with this. However, I find it maddening.

No matter how much preparation or thinking happens stooopid things like this happen:



Yes. At 5:30 AM.

My friend Tracy visited yesterday and stayed the night. To try and keep things quiet I popped into my handy dandy wheelchair. (My MobiLegs Ultra need some WD40. Otherwise I love them.)

I had woken up hungry. I hadn’t eaten much the night before and was ready for breakfast. After fetching a diet coke I was preparing to grab my ice pack from the freezer. But first (!) I needed to close the bottom part of the fridge.

Then I realized I had a slight issue with my leg elevated. I figured, no biggie. I’ve done this before. I’ll just wiggle the chair back and forth a few times until there is sufficient clearance to close the door.

Yeah. Well that didn’t go as planned.

Talk about raising a ruckus. My poor friend came rushing in thinking the worst. After confirming I had not taken a spill, and was, in fact on the floor on purpose she breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Tracy found me on my butt with spillage everywhere. I had carefully lowered myself down with a roll of paper towels and was attempting to pick up goopy salad dressing. I was also watching my stinky soy sauce make rapid progress across the kitchen tiles.

What else have I learned?

  • Wheelchairs are wonderful. You can ice your foot and carry lots of stuff. Just try not to knock things over. (Har.) I have a lighter weight version that is narrower than standard versions from Drive Medical. “Blue Streak” . There is absolutely NO way anything wider than 18″ would fit in my apartment door frames. I’m 5’1″ and weight 140lbs. This is a comfortable fit for my muscular thighs. Also, I highly recommend getting the “Elevated Leg Rests”. You can ice on the go!
  • Fanny packs are very useful. I picked up a “waistpack” while at Walmart from Outdoor Products. (Branding or not, I’m wearing a fanny pack. It works so I don’t care.) My phone, medication, chapstick and charger are always in there.

fanny pack on lap Irene fanny pack looking over shoulder

  • Recycle! My grocery bag works great for moving my bolster pillow outside. I can put it on my MobiLeg without much issue.

    Only for light weight items!

    Only for light weight items!

  • And when in a real pinch? Pockets!

    Don't drop this sucker!

    Don’t drop this sucker!

  • I also use my backpack to ferry my laptop from my desk to the couch. I try not to do that if possible. I’d pretty much cry if my MacBook Air died.

I just find the limitations of what I can carry frustrating. This was me tossing around 24 bottles of water over the summer.

Yo! Sherpa Training!

Yo! Sherpa Training!

I wanted to see if there was challenge carrying three cases of them from my car.  So I parked outside of my complex and jogged up the stairs. No problem-O!

My biggest issue was sorting out the best angle to hold the case. (Bottle cap closest to neck worked best.) I was testing myself to see what kind of gym training I’d need for the Spartan sprint. One of the (probable) obstacles typically involves picking up a weighted object and carrying it ~fifty feet and back. In the gym I was adept at picking up a barbell and performing walking lunges. (I was up to 50lbs, 15 reps, 3 sets)

Now I’m dropping cans of Diet Coke.

(Tip: Don’t drink those right away.)

To entertain myself I’ve been goofing off with the camera. The intent wasn’t to capture silliness like this:

Say what?

Say what?

I figured I’d finally have time to blog and photos would be nice. In the process of relearning Camera360 features random things happen. In the shot above I couldn’t understand how to set the timer. When I reviewed the collection of photos I did find a nice-ish photo. Which I subsequently edited to make me boootiful.

Selfie Selfie Selfie!

Selfie Selfie Selfie!

I dig it!

It’s the little things people. I’ve got walls to look at instead of the stunning Phoenix vistas I have become spoiled with.


Time for more ice. Tomorrow I go see the my podiatrist for my 1st x-ray. Here’s hoping there’s progress to report.


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