There’s nothing like having a caliper pinched around your belly for some motivation.

Honest to god the things that go through my mind. “Here! Take my Buddha Belly and rub it for some luck.”

I’ve spent the better part of dating relationships trying to hide the gut.

Not the time or place.

But I was thinking it.
(Hey! Delicate moment as I was rolling down my gym Lycra to expose the jello. You know me. A bit of humor helps to deflect and cope.)

But my brain was taking a spin down memory lane.

“Quick! Turn off the light. Better light some candles, can’t be completely in the dark. Under the sheets. UNDER! – No, wait. Are you wearing the right underwear?

The most flattering underwear?”

Yes, you may proceed.”

So the gut is a place where weight moves on me. Sadly, my cup size is the first to go. However, that helps with running. I have come to terms with this.

I asked if Ben he had considered offering measuring services to new members. I had goofed around with diet and my clothing fit better in the short time I’d been there. (My brother visited. We feasted like royalty The scale has dropped a few pounds, which is nice. But the getting into an incredibly expensive pair of jeans was like winning lotto. I’m short! I hate hemming things.

He said it was weird. It had weirded people out.

Yeah, it’s weird.
However, progress and change is good. And that feels awesome.

I got weighed in at the gym! Thanks Ben!

On a side note: Does anyone else remember the Presidential gym tests in elementary school? With flexibility, strength and sit-ups? This reminded me of that.


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