Phoenix is small big city.

I showed up last night to an event stag. I was a little worried I’d end up wandering around alone. Turned out it was ok. I need to stop over thinking things.

After finding amazing parking I met a nice lady who was heading to the same event. Met her friends. Then we met other new friends. So six new faces in Phoenix right off the bat.

Some Yelp peeps showed up right behind us in lines. That was awesome Once inside there was a little group that wandered in and out of tables together. Also great. Saw a few other faces that I’d been hoping to see at the event. Even better. Wandering around it was fun to meet new people.

The best part is running into someone and going, “How do I know you again?” because their face looks so familiar. It may take awhile but eventually someone remembers. Go Phoenix!


One thought on “Phoenix is small big city.

  1. empressjuju

    Love when that happens. There’s something great about expanding one’s circle of friends and contacts…. Very comforting.


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