Community Matters in the Gym

There’s a new guy in my bootcamp. I’m not the slowest in the herd anymore.

We started a circuit today together. And he got *annoyed*. He switched to the other guy in class. This caused confusion as that’s not how bootcamp works. You start with a buddy you finish with the same buddy.

We started on the TRX straps (straps that hang from the ceiling). You stick your feet in them with your body in a plank position and do crunches.

The point of having a buddy is sometimes motivation, yes. But you also can have fun. I usually can’t talk during exercise. I’m so focused on eeking something out it’s too hard to speak. But during breaks, yeah, a few words are exchanged. Maybe a face of despair. (Ok, usually.) But the next time I see someone I smile.

When I started I was humbled by everyone. I’d thank my partner, the class and the teacher for (basically) letting me take up space. It’s not my fault he was doing mountain climbers. That’s where I started.

What a poop head.


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