Nope. Not Paying To Work.

Oh darn. I met the sweetest woman at a networking event last night. When she explained the type of financial services she offered (with her business partner husband) it sounded nice.

‘We offer access to financial service tools for middle income folks.’

I asked some more questions as financial advising is often out of reach unless you have significant assets. When I explained some of the things I’ve done professionally she was surprised to hear tech.

She asked if I’d be interested in learning more about what her reps do. I said yes. I followed up this morning. (Hey, why not?)

Her husband and I just spoke. My nose smelled a wrinkle when he said, “Hear what we have. If it doesn’t work for you, we can still be friends.”


As my purse had magically eaten a business card I asked for the company’s website.

I hear,”
www (why people feel the need to explain this part is beyond me)

And I’m done.

Yep. This dynamic duo is part of Primerica. Sure, I’ll go meet them for lunch. But I’m not buying into a multi-level marketing scheme, driving everywhere and chewing up gas. + it’s mean to sell over inflated products to consumers.

[Update] Scratch that.
I cancelled the lunch. My time is too valuable.


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