Can I special request this guy please?

I wrote the following after ringing GoDaddy’s customer support line. I wanted to complete a survey but the email I had wasn’t working for me. (Down with technology!) They have this neat thing where you can provide feedback online via

So I’ve been trying not to call with every question. I’m new to using GoDaddy’s suite of products and there’s a learning curve. Having already called three (eek!) times I was determined not to ring. When I hit a stumble using WebSite Builder I dove deep into the Support tool area. (Grr to editing menu headers!)

I meekly rang. (I was worried I’d need to upgrade to Business or Business plan to have editing functionality of menus. Nope!)

Andre was a joy. Although he didn’t know the answer off the top of his head, he was super quick in figuring it out. He let me know he was pulling up his site to refresh his memory. Bam! Two minutes. Done. (It had sadly taken me five thousands times as long to hit a wall. Maybe a million. Shhhh! Good thing I’m a fast reader.)

While he was pulling up his site he asked what my second question was. (I had a total of three issues to discuss.) I confessed the blog widget wasn’t operating as expected. I mistakenly thought it was a template. Right clicking wasn’t getting me anywhere. (Similar to a new WordPress where a first blog post is provided.) Without laughing Andre gave me a quick tutorial on blogging.

I know how to blog.
I didn’t realize the blog widget was a faker.


Andre gave me the 411. The Food Network blog (in addition to making me hungry) was solely there to demo what pulling in a separate blog would look like.


I could use a Tumblr or something similar. Andre didn’t hard core sell me. He was polite and listened to me. (I’m not ready to just buy things for the sake of buying them.) He said, “We’re here to do what’s best for your business.”

I would put Andre on speed dial for this reason.
He feels like a trusted partner.

Andre suggests pulling in my Managed WordPress blog. (You can get one too! Here.)Then he listened to why I didn’t want to merge that domain. (I have different content plans for that baby. For realz!)

As we’re talking he asks if I had received emails. “What emails?”
Training/educational emails.

He starts emailing content for later consumption while we’re chatting.

Andre introduces the word “Sub-domain” and I start to hear “mwah mwah mwah” as he proceeds. I know what they are but I don’t want one at that moment. I wanted to get a few blog posts out for my new domain. (That still hasn’t happened, I’ll get to it.) So I stop him after writing it down. I thank him, he chuckles and I note it as something to learn the GoDaddy way in the future. (Sounds good tho. I bet I have an email about it in my in-box.)

An epiphany strikes me.
I ask about hover tips. One exists on the left hand side of WebBuilder. But only for the top menu. It would have rocked if additional tips/help options were available for other widgets.

Andre agrees. He’s thought of this idea before. He wants to take this idea away to talk in depth with his supervisor. It’s not the first time similar training issues have come up. I feel special. My idea – our idea – is going somewhere!

This is kind of cool.

(I know this is long. But Andre is just really, really cool. Bear with me. I’ll stop typing shortly.)

What was my third point?

I explain how the basic search in Support defaults to content for Version 6. I’ve just signed up for GoDaddy products so I assumed I had the latest. I do. But I had to sign-out to learn the version I was using.

I ask if there’s a knowledge base support folks can contribute to. Or if this quirky thing can be shared with someone. (I’m BFF’s with the support documentation by now.)

Andre is with me. We are one.
He “Hmmmphs” and asks me to explain again.

The dude is listening.
The dude is amazing.

Can you please make some more?
It would be super cool if you could special request peeps when calling in.

“Can I have Andre please? The one with the Awesome Sauce?”

“Yes, I’ll wait longer.”
“Uh huh. Yep.”

 Thanks GoDaddy peeps!


2 thoughts on “Can I special request this guy please?

  1. GoDaddy (@GoDaddy)

    Thanks for the awesome blogpost, Irene! I will make absolutely sure that this is seen by Andre and his supervisors. I am always thrilled to hear about how great we are taking care of our customers. Your success is important to us and, having checked out your site, I have to say, you are quite the inspiration! Well done! 🙂
    GoDaddy Social


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