Customer Experiences Matters

People say that all the time. It doesn’t mean anything until poop flies.

I was on the phone this morning trying to fix the disaster that is my hair. (I’m so upset I still can’t process it. The epic email I sent a business owner will be a blog post shortly.)

After that I tried to take a survey. I had freaking unbelievable service Thursday. So amazing I couldn’t wait to fill out the survey. Unfortunately the survey wasn’t working for me, so I called the company. I’m happy to wait to speak to a supervisor. I’m also happy to write a kick-butt review when someone goes above and beyond.

I love writing. I say this often on Facebook. If saying “thank you” can make someone smile, that’s great. It really is. If I can do something to tell a boss they have a rock star?

Oh hell yes. Get out of my way. These fingers are typing.


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