“Would you like a fork with that?” is one of the most loaded questions on earth. When asked at Nothing Bundt Cakes in Phoenix I laughed. (N 42nd Pl & E. Indian School Rd.) Had I been given a fork with my order there is no way my purchase would have made it home.


I want to eat you now!

I want to eat you now!

That’s a chocolate chocolate bundtlet.
(Mine. Not yours.)

Packaged perfectly me thinks.

There is beauty in life. When hiking a person learns not to touch all the beautiful things as they can be dangerous. When you move to Phoenix they tell you not to touch the fuzzy warm looking cactus. Actually, the warning is to stay far from the jumping chollas. Technically there is no jumping. But they easily become attached to you and are hard to get rid of. Like pounds on a scale.

Clearly you’re not supposed to touch the mean looking cactus. (Saguaros!) People still do and enjoy some sharp looking injuries. Google and you will find the smart peoples.

The analogy I’m looking for here is more of a Daphne flower. They are beautiful to look at and smell wonderful. If you were to somehow eat the flower’s berries I’m told you’d fall into coma.

So that’s bad. Bear with me. Balancing relationships has a point.

I have been seriously looking for a reason to visit Nothing bundt cakes forever. Once I tasted the heaven of their sweets my virtual relationship started.

“No Irene. You’re on a sugar hiatus.”

So I’d talk to them.

“Well, what if I just had a bite? Do you think I could have ONE bite?”

“Once you start with their goodness it will be impossible to stop.”
“Noooo. Don’t go there.”

But then…. Well, tonight I need to bring something over a gesture gift to a host. They are cooking, they have wine. They have everything. But they don’t have a bundt cake!


So I found myself here.

I'm excited! Sugar inside!

I’m excited! Sugar inside!

In this simply adorable store every space is too cute for words.



It’s dangerous in that you want to eat every item that is food. (If you’re an Olympic swimmer who can pack in one million calories, good for you.)

Why the lack of self control? It’s not just because of the eye candy. When you sample a bite (and they have sampling stations right up front) your belly wants more. Impulse control is gone. After nibbling (yeah right, gorging myself) at a few food festivals with these sweets I had to find the source.

Suzanne, the owner, is divine. Even though we were attacking her like zombies at the Scottsdale Spice Culinary Event, and later at the Taste of the Biltmore, she paused to explain the story. By now you’ve figured out this store specializes in bundt cakes. On top they are artistically layered with frosting. This is unbelievably delicious due to their fresh product. Apparently I love real butter. (You should too. Don’t judge. Just eat.) Fresh eggs and real cream cheese. That’s it. That’s the magic.

The cakes themselves could be stand alone products.

Works of beauty...I want to eat.

Works of beauty…I want to eat.

There are nine classic flavors offered. (Yes, there is red velvet! Yes, there is chocolate. Variations of it too. Yes, carrot. Lemon, pecan, cinnamon, and a few other gems.) Each month there is a special flavor.

For October you’ll never guess what was in store. Pumpkin! (Wait, you weren’t surprised? 🙂

cake halloween table cake halloween cute thing

Orders can be placed online. To be frank, I was shocked to test their mobile version. It’s super duper easy.

My 84 year old Dad can do this!

My 84 year old Dad can do this!

They deliver. If you’re within a 10 mile radius the charge is $10. Over 10 miles the charge is $20.

Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep!


So … you may be thinking “I don’t need a cake. That’s for a special day.”
Hog wash. I’ll return to the big dudes in a second. But get this. They sell “bundtlets” for $4.09.  Think of it as a reward. It’s about the size of a man’s hand. These can be purchased by the dozen for $46. (If you’d like to be creative they can be personalized.) Products are carefully packaged so that the frosting will not smudge in your travels.

While you’re standing in the store cute things are happening.

cake shopping area

“Oh. Maybe I need an apron.”
(You microwave. What the hell are you talking about?)

“Ok. Well, maybe a card…for someone.”

As I step over there I see this. I must own this.

{Queue Dramatic Music}

{Queue Dramatic Music}

Shopping Details
Super tini “bundtinis” are sold by the dozen for $18.50. These are perfect for a party. Bite sized.

8″ cakes serve 8-10, $19.50 frosted in a box
8″ cake decorated $29.50
10″ cake serves 18-20, frosted in a bakery box, $29.50
10″ decorated, $39.50

If you’re stumped for creative ideas have no fear. There’s a big book for you to flip thru with categories.

A flip book!

A flip book!

And for folks like me they make it incredibly easy. No brains required.



You’ll look awesome carrying a cake in from here. The turn around time to place an order is fairly short. Don’t panic – this store can help. Gluten free options are available. If you’d prefer an alternative to the traditional thick frosting petals a “drizzle frosting” is available.

All this. In my neighborhood.

Arcadia offers wonderful delights. Oh! These sweets are also available in Scottsdale. (N. Scottsdale Rd & E. Frank Lloyd Wright.)

Find them on Facebook and Twitter!


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