The Facebook

I think everyone has different takes on how they use social media. I’ve got stuff on Instagram, Foursq, Yelp, Twitter, Tumblr and a blog. (I really don’t use LinkedIn the way we’re supposed to.)

For me, the final frontier is my random steam of consciousness on Facebook. As a result, I’ve cut down and have fewer friends. From thousands down to hundreds. I get itchy thinking about the number I’m at. I still feel like a newspaper at times. (Small price to pay for meeting interesting people at interesting points in life.)

That’s just how I do it. There’s plenty of material if you want find out what I’ve been up to. I know it might sound shocking. But you could call me if you really wanted to.

When I meet people I find myself thinking, “Will they be cool?”

“Or, will I need to sequester them to a list in the future?”

I was thinking recently about this for a number of reasons. But someone called me on it.

“Why are you even accepting these requests in the first place? It’s a fake social HH date. One that creates an impossible situation when you want to cancel the “date” forever.”

Smart one that egg.

Often I get to keep in touch with people. Their writing snippets enable me to learn about them.

“No. But what happens when you just can’t stand someone?”

Huh? I would never just dislike someone.

“Fine. But what happens when they start sprinkling dumb comments/memes/radical political thoughts your way?”

Nah. What are talking about Good Egg?

“Oh, it happens. And those panties will get twisted in a bunch. You would have been better off with email and text. The same as if you’d gone on a date.”


“The breakup. You can try an Irish Goodbye, where you un-friend, and hope they don’t notice.”

Tell me more.

“However, if they’re all over your business and can’t scroll thru it anymore… That can be an awkward situation you created.”


Well. I don’t know. Maybe I can just avoid them if I see them.

The Egg, “Seriously Irene. Nip it in the bud with your gut. Cut when it feels right. Stop it with the lists. You are over-investing time in managing Facebook. Why do they need more than … these other things?” 

[Referencing other social media]

I hate it when the Egg is right.

Facebook provides a neat “Follow” feature for public posts. I’ll look that mine is setup going forward.

I’m going to stop with the lists. If something I posts offends the sensibilities?

Well…please contact management. I’ll put in a good word for you 🙂



The Dog.
Otherwise known as The Egg’s family member.
I borrow him occasionally.


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