No email. No bueno.

I got locked out of Google Mail. Again.

Google Mail is closed. For me!

Ruh roh.

As hypothesized previously I believe using‘s email feature leaves me dead in the water.

I should know better. But when you’ve got old people for kids you look to cut corners. (They are a never ending source of questions. Even the bathroom is not respected as quiet time. “IRENE! What about this …THING?!” barked like the house is on fire.)

  • According to Google I could have received or downloaded large volumes of mails in a short period of time. OR
  • Sent a large number of messages. OR
  • Logged onto multiples devices. OR
  • I could have browser related issues. OR
  • Have shared my Gmail account with 3rd party software, etc. that logs into my account.

Here’s why I think is at fault. I haven’t been encountering any Gmail issues since I last fumed. I have remained constant in the number of devices I carry. The number of emails I’ve sent is actually fairly low. (I Instagram and Tweet more than anything. And even those are low. I’ve been busy offline!)

What has happened in the last few days? I landed in Long Island. I faxed a few items. Last night in fact. And this morning?


Ok, Irene. How many faxes are we talking here? Are you sending fifty? twenty-five even?


Er. Ma. Gawd.

Er. Ma. Gawd.

Four faxes.

Here’s the sad state of my Sent Box:

(All old people content.)

(All old people content.)

I’ve become That Person sending confirmation faxes. (“Thank you for this paper prescription thing. But the approval thing, needed for an actual appointment, is still pending. Fifty million light years later. May we have it please?”)

Here’s the even sadder view of my in-box:

My Dad Butt Dialed Me. Excellent Voicemail.

My Dad Butt Dialed Me. Excellent Voicemail.

As one can observe I am not sending and receiving large volumes of mail. Sure, my “social” folder is full. But not any more full that it was before I got on a plane.

So Dear Kind Folks at & Dear Kind Folks at Google:
Is there an ETA for resolving this issue?

Thank you.

[Updated later in the day]

Not having my preferred email is a wee bit inconvenient. These screens taunt me.

Click the link... in the email!

\ Click the link… in the email!

Sure. I’ll click the email. As soon as I get back in.









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