Living Frugally with Old People

Shovel snow and you think of ways to avoid doing that ever again. As my parents are not moving tomorrow I soldiered on this morning, completed a core workout and then lowered a few bills.

Threaten to cancel a service and suddenly the world is your oyster.

(If only it worked this way on Long Island. They squeeze you until there is no blood left.)

Special Note Phoenix Friends:
If you are obtain the interwebs via Century Link give them a ring. I have 20Mbps which had risen from the promotional rate. If you call, they will drop you back to the $29.95 rate being offered to new folks.

Now that DirectTV, Century Link and Verizon are all partners you can save an additional $5 off each bill. (Once you combine them.)

Verizon is giving away free puppies. If you haven’t analyzed your data usage do it. (I lowered my data and saved $20.) I moved my parents over last month to consolidate bills. (Their bill was $86 after taxes.)

Here’s the thing: Line charges for basic phones are less. I had no idea. (Another $20 off.)

My parents will never have an urgent need for the internet on the go. (Ain’t gonna happen.) With the grouped savings moving everyone over is the cost of a cocktail. An inexpensive one. My mom is insisting they owe me money. (No!)

I will hold out for an empanada.


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