Finding time to say “thank you”.

I have old people. It is a fact.
I care for them now. Also a fact.

As a result my down time is often spent thinking about them. I’m behind in sharing my gratitude with a host of people that help me help my parents. I was able to start this morning. I visited our neurologist, Dr. Michael Guo, to say so in person. Then I came home and wrote a review. It is now posted on and

Saying thank you is something that falls to the side when there is disorder. The more significant the relationship with a person/doctor/neighbor etc. the meatier the “thank you” is I want to write. I know that is silly. It would be better to just buy a card, sign it and send it.

But that’s just not me.

Finding Direction

When an elderly parent begins to fall your heart drops. “ Why?” You prop them up and rush them around to doctors. The inevitable creeps into your mind, “Is this the end?” You question every moment with a doctor. “Are we doing this right? Can you help us?”

We needed help. Desperately.

Dr. Guo was wonderful. After I spilled the myriad of symptoms onto paperwork we were seen. Effortlessly. My handwriting was a mess. I had mushed words onto wet paper while sitting over at Zwanger. (When it is winter everything is covered in salt and snow.)

The kind front office staff had willingly faxed over the paperwork to Zwanger when an MRI ran late. (There is a Zwanger office in the same medical campus.)

Dr. Guo observed and listened with patience. He balanced discussing a sensitive topic with my father kindly. We left with a clear plan of action. “These are the tests we need. Once we have them we can diagnose and move forward.” Hearing that had a profound effect on our family.

Words cannot explain how thorough the rest of his team is. They somehow manage to balance one gazillion insurance plans like super heros. They are organized. These are women you want to invite over for dinner.

Our family has now seen Dr. Guo many times. I feel confident my father is receiving the best care available to him. (My father quite enjoys the free Keurig coffee in the cozy waiting room.) Dr. Guo has a sense of humor. A dry one I quite enjoy.

Medicine is not just medication and tests. It is listening. I know I stated that above. Dr. Guo is an excellent listener.


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